The company «RParts» today is:

      • formed a team of specialists
      • availiability of goods in stock
      • wide assortment of offered production
      • submission of orders through the Internet in real time using system Stock.On-Line
      • free provision partners directories and additional technical information, advertising materials
      • certificates of quality , warranty support
      • consultations of the specialists of on-line or by phone
      • high speed of processing of orders and requests
      • electronic document circulation with clients
      • free organization of shipment of goods in the cities of Russia
      • free shipping goods to Moscow's partners

      The hallmark of the company «RParts» is support for high quality of products, development of partner relations with clients, striving to provide comprehensive and efficient solution of tasks, using the accumulated experience and knowledge.


108814, Moscow, Poselenie Sosenskoe, derevnya Sosenki, Sosnovaya ulica, 5 - 302
+7(495) 234-74-10

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